Kamis, 18 Desember 2008

how deep is your love

how deep is your love? the bird and the bee sing this song, the original vocal from beeges feel more slicy though.. well love is just like a horse play toy *cant spell it in english -_-
..... a fun repetition until some point you've had enough, it taste bitter, and the next day you know you just want to ride it again.... and so on till you found a more need explanation things..... another skitkat for killing time.

the headbanger!

some early sketchs for a t shirt merchandise for my friends

notice the 1st pics... guess yoh..

a tiny room and a boy.

its an old pics i made.. its a small room i spent for about one and half year,,, and with those uncomfortable things that i cant describe,, i believe it become a tiny spot for my workspace till now

say hello to a part of life i live.

everytime i go home it just like a solid bond in your heart.. *sound like a title for a song though.... chuckle,, anyway it some sketchs i draw some weeks ago, it just a feeling you get when you reside on a memorable place in your life, at those times that you feel safe and don't have some random things that make you feel uneasy about life.... home sweet home.. so please say hello my friend.